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Delta Loop is a fast-paced space arcade shooter with a big focus on gameplay. Anyone -from people not used to action games to seasoned arcade experts- can have a fun and skill-rewarding experience.

Take control of the most advanced combat spaceship, in a desperate last stand in outer space. Your mission is a simple but tough one: decimate all the enemies before they decimate you. Get ready to fight endless waves of increasingly challenging hostile ships, equip powerful weapons and enhancements, and put your skills on the line. Will you be able to earn a place for yourself in the elite pilot ranks?

Video Review by Fedora G4mer

Commented gameplay by NovaK

This game features:

  • Non-stop, intense action that captures the true feeling of a retro arcade experience.
  • Endless gameplay. Cruise the universe facing hundreds of enemies in each stage.
  • Lots of unique enemies with different abilities and a single purpose: take you down.
  • Many different weapons. Use hi-tech lasers, plasma charges, explosives and your trusty chaingun to dispatch your foes. Develop your own combat strategies!
  • Progression system: collect energy cores from fallen enemies and use them to buy extra lives, laser upgrades, helper bots and deadly weapon enhancements!
  • Support for XBox 360, PS3 and USB controllers. Don't like gaming with mouse and keyboard? Got'cha covered!
  • Colorful 2D classic-style graphics in high definition. Because "retro style" doesn't always mean "low resolution".
  • Stereo positional sound. Put on your headphones and let the action surround you!
  • Tons of unlockable stuff! Collect medals and improve your highscore to get new playable ship models, hints & tips, music and even special graphical filters.
  • Four different difficulty levels. Everyone will get a reasonable challenge. You don't have to be a hardcore shoot'em-up master to enjoy Delta Loop. But, if you are indeed one, try the Extreme mode for a worthy challenge!
  • Colorblind mode.

Delta Loop is available for free (as in beer) in Itch.io and many other sites, but you can support us by making a small donation so we can keep making new games and improving our existing ones!


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