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The greedy monster known as "Guitar Shark" has stolen the world's most delicious pastry, the Coconut Delight, and has hidden it in the depths of his evil dungeon. It's up to FrikiBoy, the world's hungriest hero, to conquer the dungeon and recover the legendary sweet.

"Adventures of FrikiBoy - Quest for Coconut Delicatessen" is a keyboard+mouse driven action/adventure game with a quirky story, where you explore a maze trying to collect as many treasures (pastries) as you can. You will have to battle monsters (using both your machete and your pistol), avoid traps, solve a few puzzles and find secret treasure chambers.

Review by Games That I Play

This game features:

  • A labyrinthic dungeon full of mechanisms, traps, passages and locked doors. The path to your sworn enemy won't be a straight line...
  • A humorous, quirky story featuring lots of silly and nerdy references. Wouldn't be a true idiotic adventure without them!
  • Simple but challenging combat system. You'll have to fight different types of monsters using either your sword or your gun. You can also use the scenario to your advantage!
  • Lots of collectible treasure in the form of sweets and pastries. Will you be able to fully conquer the dungeon and get the 100%...?
  • Many secret areas hidden by fake walls and complex mechanisms.
  • A completely different (and harder) second quest that can be unlocked after beating the first adventure.
  • Two special additional game modes: Survival and Treasure Hunt.
  • Support for GameJolt's trophies and leaderboard system.
  • A detailed in-game manual that can be read at any time. Or not. Either way, this means no boring mandatory tutorials!
  • Really low system requirements. You can play the game even on an old Pentium 4 with 512MB RAM!
  • English and Spanish language support.

Adventures of Frikiboy has been in the works for quite some time and we have released many expansion updates for it. The game is available for free (as in beer) in Itch.io and many other sites, but you can support us by making a small donation so we can keep making new games and improving our existing ones!


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